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Welcome to the After Study Podcast!
Summed up, it’s university students hanging out after studying to chat or discuss what we feel is interesting. 
Have an interesting or fun topic you want to talk about?
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By HHus

Avsnitt 1

EP1 (Introduction, Q&A, what’s to come…)

Welcome to the first episode!
In this episode we are introducing our new format, answering some questions that we have been asked and just talk a little about life…
For topic suggestions or questions e-mail us at!
Avsnitt 2

EP2 (What to expect at Insparken, experience coming to Umeå, and upcoming HHUS elections…)

Welcome back!
In this episode we are hosting Rebecca, our HHUS female rookie of the year! She has told us a bit about her experience coming to Umeå, this year’s Insparken and her future involvement at HHUS.
Any topic suggestions or questions? E-Mail us at:


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